Terracotta Summer is the "stage name" of music producer, web designer, and carnivorous plant enthusiast Michael Kevin Smith.

Hailing from Alexandria, Virginia; Michael passionately constructs songs for friends and family while experimenting with musical compositions based on reality and imagination. The Terracotta Summer self-titled album was release March 2016 and is an accumulation of over a year's worth of effort and material.

Terracotta Summer attempts to capture the perceived character and environments of years pasts through catchy electro-pop songs with strong percussion and smooth atmospherics. Also, the logo is two bunnies heads incase anyone was wondering.

Music is available on all the expected outlets...

This site is built utilizing some of the best open-source platforms and frameworks of our time:
WordPress, ZURB Foundation 6, and the SoundCloud API.

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2. Impossible

I Hate to Be Impossible, I'm Not Living Anywhere But Here Right Now
I'm Coming to You Naturally, I Can't Bring You Anyone But Who I am

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